That creative bug…

One of the few things I’ve always enjoyed is drawing animals, so over the years I’ve created a small collection of animal drawings.

In a previous post I had linked 2 very recent drawings, the subject being horses. As a child I absolutely loved horses, so I drew them quite often. Then came the teenage years and they faded into the background, however I will always have a soft spot for these beautiful creatures.

In my “collection” I have a small array of animals now, ranging from the ordinary pets to zoo animals.

Elephant sketch, A5 size. Graphite. © CC

House rabbit. A5. Charcoal, pastel, plus a little bit of gold paint. © CC

A little mouse. Water colour © CC

Giraffe. Pencil & ink. © CC


3 thoughts on “That creative bug…

  1. Giraffes are harder than I thought.. Little Mr put me on the spot and asked me to draw on the other day.. oh and btw I only have a few minutes… Thanks Mama!
    I’ll have to post it so you can have a laugh… LOVE these, especially the rabbit with the crown and the mouse 🙂

    • Thanks! I usually think they’re a lot harder to draw, but once I get started – and get in the zone – I’m often surprised at how swift it all went.

      The rabbit was my house rabbit and it was the Year of The Rabbit, aka Her year. It just seemed befitting. 😀

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