It’s a zoo out there!

Ok, maybe not really.  For fun, I’ve been looking at my old drawings and sketches. Lots of animals, but also things I made just for fun. Boredom can be highly productive indeed.

First I came across some of work as a kid, the earliest work I still own alas. I think a lot of my childhood drawings were lost when I moved house twice, a real shame as it probably was quite funny and interesting to see how it all ‘evolved’ over time. Anyway, the 2 horse sketches were drawn when I was 11. I can even remember where. My friend’s grandparents’s flat, she was from quite a creative family and her grandfather was an artist. He has painted some horses and we were on a visit, where we apparently got bored and ended up drawing.

Horse. Pencil. © CC

Horse 2. Pencil. © CC

Not the best drawings ever, but I do remember the circumstances quite fondly. Her grandfather also brought us along to visit some old rich merchant’s house that was turned into a museum. Something I actually quite enjoyed.

Next are the numerous sketches I had to make in my year of Fine Arts, we were sent to the zoo, a highly enjoyable assignment I must say. However this also meant some animals aren’t exactly the most willing models ever.

Shark. Pencil & ink. © CC

Gecko. Pencil. © CC

Giraffes. Pencil. A baby giraffe was laying down and was an excellent model. Mom not so much. © CC

Meerkat. Pencil. © CC

Asian elephant. Pencil. © CC

Snoozing polar bear. Ink. © CC

As you can see, some were more than cooperative, while a whole bunch were lots of fun to watch, but not so great when you’re trying to do a quick sketch. Snoozing animals are simply the best. Especially when they’re big and dangerous. Luckily the following dog wasn’t, but he was an good model, even if by accident.

Snoozing dog. Pencil. © CC

Snoozing dog #2. Pencil. © CC

Now just some animals I’ve drawn just for fun.

Panther. Ink. © CC

Chihuahua. Pencil. Made as a birthday gift for a friend. © CC

Swallow. Acrylic. It looks a bit odd due to the gold paint. © CC


Hedgehog. Pastel & pencil. © CC

After so many animals, I think we need something different for a change.

Something floral. Water colour pencils. © CC

I think this is enough sketchy business for today.

For 2 other drawings I made of horses, take a look at my older post


2 thoughts on “It’s a zoo out there!

  1. The horse ones at the age of 11…. really impressive! Good heavens, I could never have drawn that well at that age and I’m not totally horrific at the arts. I absolutely ADORE your hedgehog!!! There is real texture and depth, but you also captured movement which is not easy at all. The snoozing polar bear is good too for a simple ink drawing. A few lines but you captured the feel very well. All in all, I’d love to see more of these. You have real talent.

    • As a wee toddler I apparently always drew, either on the walls and such, so my parents learned early on to give me a good supply of paper & crayons etc. 😀
      I wouldn’t necessarily call it real talent, it surely is something I enjoy doing, and I’m not too bad at it on a good day.

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