New beginnings.

2012 is coming to an end, and 2013 is just around the corner. A new year and so-called new beginnings. Yada yada, we’ve all heard it before.

What is it with the beginning of a new year we seem think we’ve wiped the slate clean? Is it the lull after a usually hectic December month? The big brouhaha that generally is made about the celebrations around new year? This constant emphasis about the new year being a great opportunity to start new things?

This whole idea that at the end of the year we can pretty much put an end to things, and start anew in January is pretty preposterous. We don’t live in a constant race, despite some people’s weird view on the world. It’s simply not. The only thing that may be is that we wake up on January 1st with a hangover and a massive headache when we realise that only the date has changed, but everything else has remained as they were the year before.

Usually at the end of the year I tend to become quite melancholic. It is after all that time of the year where we’re supposed to tally the year’s achievements, success and what not, or at least try to do so. However, if you’re anything like me – I don’t think I’ve achieved that much, nor have managed to succeed much –  there is only so much to feel ‘festive’ about when December 31st approaches. Nor do I have any clear laid plans for the year to come, I have enough trouble to figure out what I’m going to eat or wear tomorrow, let alone what I might have in petto for a whole year.

This year’s a bit different. I’m not feeling as melancholic as usual, but hopeful for a change. Optimistic is a too big a word, I hardly ever feel optimistic, my rather realistic views and rational mind don’t allow me to do so, but hopeful is a nice change of pace. I have no idea what will take place, but it seems whatever that may or may not happen, I’m hopeful it will all turn out well. Or at least well enough.


7 thoughts on “New beginnings.

  1. I agree — I can’t make myself make resolutions, except maybe to think about things. The second I make a resolution, I actually *want* to break it because I start resenting that I’m putting restrictions on myself (which is usually what it’s about).

    • Resolutions are another potential guilt trip waiting to happen when you don’t manage to keep them. Honestly, who needs that extra pressure to feel bad about oneself, when there’s enough stuff to worry about.

  2. Yeah, and usually the resolution isn’t related to the actual problem. Take the classic, “I want to lose weight / eat healthier / get more exercise,” which more or less all my friends make every year. The issue is usually not that the resolver is intentionally sabotaging herself on food or exercise and just needs to decide to choose differently, although it’s often framed that way in the media — it’s usually that life is stressful and time is short and food and relaxation end up being ways to destress. So if you get home from work on Jan 3, which is usually a really stressful day because no one’s done anything much since Dec 24, and think, I should eat a light healthy supper and go walking, but instead, you sit down to watch TV and eat some chips and have some wine … what’s the real problem? Your attitude? Or the fact that work is so stressful? Obviously both — but making an effort to change the situation at work might have many more positive outcomes than just not eating the potato chips … but does anyone resolve to find a better work situation? Resolutions put so much weight on the individual for problems that are much more complex.

    • And subconsciously you know that will happen, and will happen early on. So you can start beating yourself up from January onwards, knowing you failed yet again, and continue to feel bad about yourself for the remainder of the year. A really great way to start the year. Not.

      Though of course my lofty resolution isn’t, well, the greatest either, I mean “Be happy?” Oh dear. That’s a tough one, it can’t get tougher than that. I think I’ll start with the small things, really small..

      • My small resolution for the year is not to let crap accumulate in my car. It depresses me every time I get in. I’m not cleaning the car to start, either, that would be too much effort. I’m just going to make sure every time I walk into my apartment I’ve got one thing in my left hand. 🙂

        • I quite like your small resolution, as the results will be noticeable and you will feel like you’ve achieved something. Not to mention, I’m always quite amazed how an environment can influence one’s mindset, so decluttering your car is a good a start as any. 🙂

  3. I feel like with “be happy” you can put signs up around your apartment and on your computer screen and stuff. Not just reminders but also pictures of things that make you happy.

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