Posted in March 2013

Blast from the past.

Blast from the past.

Ok, well technically not that long ago, of course depending on what age you are 😉 I still can’t believe the 1990s are over a decade ago, egad, I’m showing my age. Anyway out of the blue I was reminded of Selena, no not Selena Gomez, but the Selena that Jennifer Lopez once portrayed – … Continue reading

Stormy conditions

It seems it’s only befitting, well, the literal sense of the word, not the deeper meaning. But I’ve come to a point where I’d wish the weather would just storm off to somewhere very far away from here.

Damn you, car commercial!

The title of this post is pretty much self explanatory. So now I will share you the pleasure that is UK 1980s band. Spandau Ballet. I feel slightly old as I did not need any googling to recognise the song the damned commercial’s been using.

Just what exactly do I want?

Just what exactly do I want?

Sometimes life as we know it does feel like all smoke and mirrors. Am I on the hunt because I want to, or is it something that is expected? And for what? It’s still a conundrum that I have yet to answer. Just to be sure, the question is aimed at myself, not someone else. … Continue reading

Confession II

As you can see, this is currently one of those periods where I’m laying low. It’s something that is quite inherent to me, but I’m slowly returning to more regular random musings. It must be partially due to the fact Spring has begun – though it seems that memo got lost as the temperatures are … Continue reading

Excusez le mot…

While perusing my Facebook timeline, yes I peruse my Facebook news feed then mostly play games, I came across this article Living with less. A lot less. from the New York Times. Where the writer is discussing the rapid encroachment of stuff into our lives. It does pose an interesting question in this age of … Continue reading