Posted in May 2013

Where art thou, Spring?

Where art thou, Spring?

It’s official, May so far has been the coldest on record for the past 15 years, and today has been truly chilly. Winter clothes are not stored away, how can you when the max. temp is around 10°C and there’s a possibility of frosty nights this week. Sigh. This piece of music seems befitting regarding … Continue reading


As previously stated, I’m back to life. Well, sorta. Lately I’ve been busy with the extremely exciting job of stripping wallpaper. I know! Such fun! Prepping the walls to give some flash of colour. After much consideration, and constantly changing minds, we’ve finally set on a few colours. Hallelujah! And to make things worse, I’ve … Continue reading

Not a fan

The title may be a bit misleading though, as I often find myself becoming a fan of someone or something, but just not a Fan. Or a Good Fan, or the Ultimate Supportive Fan. Or the Number #1 Fan. Or whatever you want to call it. fan noun Definition of FAN 1: an enthusiastic devotee … Continue reading