Late resolutions…

Last week I made a late resolution, it’s never too late in the year to make one, right? Though now I’m reminded why I’ve stopped making resolutions years ago, generally they are not the easiest to keep. Of course usually they are rather vague, like “I want to lose weight.” or “This year I will save money for…”

Anyway, my late 2014 resolution is to make/create something every week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mere sketch, painting, crochet or a full blown project that will take up much longer than a week, I must make something.

All in the spirit of just making things.

In the past it could have been weeks or months between projects, where I could not find any inspiration to make anything, therefore not making anything at all. Now I know I simply should make something, no matter how bad or trivial it is. Just to produce something, which can lead to finding my groove. So knowing I only have 7 days to think of, make and finish something is a good incentive. Nothing vague about a week’s deadline! And the fact I have made it known, so people can hold me accountable.

After week 1, I can tell you this. Nothing is more frustrating then trying to find inspiration and finding none, but I still managed to force myself in making something.

I’ll try to post them, when I remember.

It’s a start.


One thought on “Late resolutions…

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