Resolutions wk 2

Week 2 of my resolution…

It took me many attempts to get this. Plenty of frustration and lots of huffing & puffing, before I went back to the ordinary HB pencil and went at it. It took its time before it returned to me.

In honour of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse.

Pencil. © CC


4 thoughts on “Resolutions wk 2

    • 😀 Ha! How true.
      It’s always refreshing to hear other people fighting the same battle. And I guess with all things creative, we only tend to hear from those who have succeeded. Our ‘fellow passengers’ – who also share the same misery – are not the ones in the public eye.

      • One thing this song brought home to me is what I do to myself (“you’ll never be good enough”) vs what others try to do (“air freshener vampires”) — I know a lot of people tell themselves their stuff isn’t any good, but I didn’t realize that the pressure to conform was such a general problem that someone might write a song about it. That was kind of encouraging!

        • I know what you mean! It definitely brought a smile to my face, because it seems that broken record got handed out to a lot of people.

          I guess it’s also one of the reasons why I ended up making my late resolution. Just make something, and try to stay productive no matter what I may think of the end result. I may never think I’m good enough, but as long as I think “Not bad.” it will be a small victory.

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