Good enough

Just when exactly is something good enough? When faced with high expectations, be it your own or from those around you, this question is very much present. Is sheer perfection the only answer? Is that even attainable, or do we set ourselves up for inevitable failure? Crash and burn when you finally realise the bar isn’t just set too high, no, it’s set in the realms of Impossible. Not unless you are able to clone yourself, invent a time machine and become a time traveller, and believe there are multiple dimensions of reality where various versions of you live will you be able to pull it all off.

I won’t deny accepting something will have to do took a while. It’s hard to beat that ever present internal critic, who’s always questioning every decision.  Seeing and noting all the flaws. Second guessing everything. And always pushing for Perfection.

Exhausting is now the first word that comes to me. The world we live in is hardly the epitome of Perfection. To try to attain this is quite a foolhardy notion, and yet it is there. So many of us are raised to try to ascertain the highest level of perfection that is humanly possible. And if it ever is an option to improve something, so sheer Perfection can indeed be achieved? Oh hell yeah, take that option and do it!

It is utterly tiring to only want perfection, even if reality has shown us it is not even an option. Or it can only last for a fleeting moment.

I don’t think I have as of yet come to terms with things being good enough. What I have managed is achieve “eh, not bad” or “could have been so much worse“. Not exactly great, but I can live with it as is. And yes, I do realise it’s pretty much saying it’s good enough, just not quite. I know it’s semantics, but to me at this point, it’s close enough. Perhaps one day I will be able to say it’s good enough, whatever it may be. And say it loudly with pride.

At this moment a shrug and a “Not bad” will have to suffice.


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