Resolutions wk 4 – One feisty bird

The outcome of this week’s resolution turned out to be way more fierce than I expected! Again, after much mulling what I wanted to do, I ended up digging up my pastels. Now why did I put them away again? I love working with pastels, I’m reminded how much the material suits me.

Overall I’m not a big fan of cutesy and very refined & lots of fine details work, simply as it’s not my style and doesn’t suit me. The more I get back into things, I’m far more an impressionist with a tad of realism thrown in for good measure. I like the rough edges and the randomness.

Anyway, I did not intend to finish it in one go, but I found myself enjoying it way too much and had a bit too much fun. So before I knew it, about 3 hours later I was done.

And the outcome is rather fierce.

Cooper Hawk. Pastel & pencil. A4. © CC


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