Posted in March 2014

Tears for fears…

Ha, no, not the late 80s-90s band of similar name. Though in case, Everybody wants to rule the world is a catchy tune that totally takes me back to my youth. No, just like my realisation how interconnected my Self is with my creativity, I’ve also noticed how much more sentimental I’ve become. Seriously, a … Continue reading



Now that should be something that sounds familiar to society of today. It does seem the most common ambitions involve avarice to some extent. The incessant hunger for money, wealth and other materialistic things is just astounding, and I’m one of those weirdos who finds herself a bit worried by it at times. Ironically enough … Continue reading

Connecting the dots

The more I find myself going down this path, the more I’ve come to realise how interlinked my Self is with my creativity. In the past I have had some instances where it was beyond obvious, but it was always something that made me feel rather uncomfortable. It simply came too close for comfort. As … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 9

Week 9 sees the start of my truly daunting challenge I’ve apparently set for myself. Somewhere somehow this little voice in me is challenging myself to do portraits. Not only portraits, but do a self-portrait. Despite questioning my sanity for even wanting to do it, I have accepted it. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet it … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 8

Week 8 already! Well, of course by the time this post is published, I’ll be somewhere in week 9. Perhaps even managed to finish that week’s resolution. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep it up, as there were plenty of time where I simply had to struggle to even put anything on paper. … Continue reading

15 minutes

Infamy infamy! They’ve all got it in for me! Fame. I’m a bit bewildered and bemused by our modern society’s desire for fame. In some cases not even a mere desire, but a real hunger. When you ask kids from a certain age what they’d want to be, quite a few of them will say … Continue reading

Sweet and delicate

Once in a while I will try to draw/paint something very delicate and cutesy. For no real reason, but wanting to give it a go. And once again find myself frustrated by it, as it seems I’m really constraining myself. I can even feel myself tensing up because of the pent-up energy. No, it seems … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 7 – an attempt

Resolutions wk 7 – an attempt

One of the many half-hearted attempts I made for week 7. This actually got finished, as the others are not even close to anything. And yes, to me this is half-hearted. I guess for me it should require some more effort to make. A little bit more of a challenge to truly hold my interest … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 7

This week was sheer torture. No matter how much I tried, nothing seemed to hold my interest. Quite a few half-hearted attempts, but nothing caught on. Previous weeks definitely weren’t as tough as this. My energy wasn’t there, I don’t know, but whatever that gives me that flow was simply not present this week. I’ve … Continue reading

In a nutshell

Just because I’m not some dancing circus bear, who will perform on command, does not mean I’m ignorant or careless. It just means you have to try a bit harder to get to the interesting bits.


Whenever I meet new people, it’s always an interesting time. I know when I’m around strangers, I tend to have a very cautious energy around me, which in their case often gets misinterpreted as being someone very fragile and/or sensitive. It’s more due to the fact, yes, I tend to approach new people rather cautiously. … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 6

Resolutions wk 6

My late 2014 resolution is most definitely being used to play around with my various materials I have managed to gather over the years. And I have to say, I’m starting to enjoy this particular aspect. The inspiration is still a bit problematic, but I usually will have an idea with what I’d want to … Continue reading

That thing called love…

Like I’ve posted on Valentine’s Day, I’m completely clueless when it comes to the matters of the heart. As a matter of fact I haven’t even been in love for too-many-years-to-count now. Sure, had a crush here or two, but the sheer definition of a crush is its fleeting nature. Nothing too serious about it. … Continue reading

Rewind and erase

Rewind and erase

The word is out. It has been said. The words have been uttered and heard. I can’t take them back anymore. They are out there. The other day I once again was on the receiving end of yet another “When will you find a good job?” speech from my mother. They are quite common, so … Continue reading