Posted in April 2014

Resolutions wk 14

Again, another rather disembodied hand floating about. This time it was more about a study of my skin tone. And unlike watercolour, I do have a bit more control on the outcome as this was done with pastel pencils. Surprisingly I was finished in almost record time. It’s a rather poor rendition of my hand, … Continue reading

Lofty aspirations.

One day I will live in a detached house, just so I will not get any homicidal tendencies towards my neighbours. Especially when the dreaded DIY-bug strikes, or when they feel the need to share their music. “No, I do not need to feel the bass, nor wish to be included in your experience.” As … Continue reading

Where’s the mute button?

Not a request for the remote control, but rather the mute button for my ever present doubting Self. Who’s constantly asking me if I’ve made the right decision. Am I doing the right thing? I honestly don’t know. At this point I’m not even sure what it is I’m supposed to do. Or whether the … Continue reading

Familiar conundrum

Yikes. It’s that uncomfortable feeling of knowing the inevitable truth. If I really want to move forward with this whole creative thing, I will have to step out and show my face. I will have to fight my natural urge to stay anonymous and in the shadows, because by doing so I will remain there … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 13

Honestly, I have no idea how it turned out so…disembodied! It’s kind of freaky to be honest. Even I’m amazed at the result! Honest to god, I have absolutely no idea how I ended up with this. I was happily doodling away with watercolour, and when it all dried up etc and I took a … Continue reading

Pet peeve

Once in a while, though to be quite fair there have been too many in the recent years, news breaks on yet another killing spree in the US. It’s more a sad state of affairs how my reactions to these news stories are, especially when I hear it’s in the US. My first thought tends … Continue reading

That sneaky feeling

That sneaky feeling

My creative resolution has at times made me feel rather suspicious. Making them seems so…easy. Almost too easy, if that’s even possible. Or at least a certain wonderment the outcome so far hasn’t been truly awful or scarily bad. It’s as if I’m waiting for disaster to happen, surely, something bad must take place. And … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 12

After last week’s playing around with watercolour and making a mess for sun, this week was back to studying faces. I now wish to note that teeth absolutely suck, and I totally understand why most look rather stern on official portraits. Those non-smiling faces are ‘easier’ to get on paper/canvas, definitely not saying they are … Continue reading

In your face!

Ok, maybe not exactly in your face, but I dug around to find one of my older portraits I did during my course a couple of years ago. Yeah, pretty is not the word I’d use to describe it. Nor cute or delicate. Also, if I remember correctly you’d only have about 2 to 2,5 … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 11

Honestly, this particular resolution is probably the one and only ever to have managed to still be around 11 weeks later! Though to be fair, the usual resolutions were always a bit vague and just the ordinary generalised ones in the likes of “I want to lose some weight” or “I ought to get myself … Continue reading

April questions

April questions

The verve I may have had at the beginning of this year is starting to wane a bit, which was to be expected. Reality always has a way to make me wonder whether I’ve made the right choice after all. Despite my heart telling me I have and trying to reassure me, my head has … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 10

Double figures! We’ve entered the double figures. Still with some great trepidation do I set out with the portraits. It’s a funny place to be in, on the one hand I enjoy the intrinsic challenge of it, but on the other I find myself dreading the topic itself. Some should be able to recognise the … Continue reading