Posted in May 2014

The common denominator

As previously stated in a comment, I’m very hesitant in calling myself an artist, despite the fact a lot of the obvious facts do point in that general direction. It’s like if I call myself that, I will basically fall into that creative trap of impending doom. Not to mention, I don’t think I’ve even … Continue reading

One day

One day I hopefully will see this. As of yet, nah, not really. There are moments, but Doubt still has its way to weasel itself onto the forefront and sway whatever resolve I may have had. "The most delightful surprise in life is to suddenly recognise your own worth." – Maxwell Maltz — Great Minds … Continue reading

Simple truth

"You have to believe in yourself." – Sun Tzu — Great Minds Quotes (@GreatestQuotes) May 18, 2014 Yes Doubt, please shut up and leave me alone for a while.

Resolutions wk 16: the final result

I  have to be honest, I do feel ever rather apprehensive in showing the final works. Because it is Me, despite I can see it’s not really me at the same time. Even though friends say they can and do recognise me in it, so it does resemble me, and yet at the same time … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 16, the beginning

After (trying to even prolong) my procrastination for the first try out for a self portrait, I finally made myself put down the first lines on paper. And well, I have to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how not bad the very beginning was. This particular ‘assignment’ also took longer than my usual … Continue reading

The Fonz…

Remember him? Henry Winkler. Ayy! Anyway he was a guest on BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen to promote his children’s books, and I loved his message. “School does not define you.” Which honestly is something I tend to forget, as growing up a huge emphasis was put on education. Considering my parents childhood and upbringing I … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 15…the start

Oh dear, I’ve been rather remiss lately when it comes to my resolutions. Well, for week 15 I did some very quick sketches. Though in all fairness I had also whipped up a phone case for a friend in a day, so I basically made a bit more than planned. And I was more or … Continue reading


As of Wednesday May 7, well technically Thursday as I didn’t start sketching until well after midnight, I’ve actually begun work on a self-portrait. Though this too is only a test run, and done in pastels on a relatively small (regular A4) size paper, I’m quite stunned and amazed by how not utterly dreadful the … Continue reading

All the things and more

This is an article from Psychology Today, Reinvent Yourself. How much more relevant can it be currently? I guess I’ve managed the first part of the journey, I’ve come to learn who I am so much better these past few years…now the truly hard grafting of actually getting there. And I think I definitely need … Continue reading

Mirror mirror on the wall…

This whole challenge I’ve set for myself, painting a self-portrait, also makes for another uncomfortable confrontation. My appearance, or to be more exact my opinion on my appearance. For as long as I can remember I don’t exactly have the most arrogant attitude towards the way I look. Bemused and wonderment usually. Lacklustre. Generally followed … Continue reading