Posted in June 2014

Resolutions wk 21

Apparently this week’s sketch resembles quite a bit. No, not even just quite a bit, but very much so. Or at least that’s what my friends tell me, in the sense of “Whoa! That’s you alright! Holy crap, it really looks like you.” Yeah, I did not finish it, because well, that is a bit … Continue reading


For whatever reason it does seem my brain is just trying to play catch up. I haven’t been bogged down by a million critical questions, Doubt has been sitting rather quietly in its corner. Still very much present, but not saying much for a change. I just don’t have a lot to report. And I … Continue reading

That million dollar question

It must be the calm before the storm, as I find myself seriously contemplating about the “How to…” scenarios. For it seems my too-rational side of me has finally caught up with the heart. It only took  a good deal of patience, time and a lot of struggling – well, more like literally dragging it … Continue reading


For no particular reason my brain isn’t overthinking things, which I have to say is a nice change of pace, but it seems more in the reserve-mode? At times I would even hazard a guess and say it’s in the acceptance mode, as doubt hasn’t been as present as before. Though the latter will probably … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 20: got some tea?

Week 20 already! I had started this project before no.19, but I wasn’t sure it would work, so I ended up with something completely different. I remembered how some people would paint with tea, basically tea stains, though the preferred beverage is actually coffee from what I can gather, as you can get a far … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 17: the evolution

Once in a while I remember to make pictures while I’m in the middle of making something. As with paint I have to wait for it to dry, I might as well take a few snapshots. It’s just a good reminder to see how something evolves into the (hopefully) final result. Though minor touch-ups do … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 19

To be fair, I started on 2 projects this week. So the image is more or less the same, but the execution couldn’t be more different. While I’m still not completely comfortable with portraying myself, or doing portraits in general – I still dislike portraits, but love the challenge, what a dichotomy – I do … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 18

Week 18 was in comparison to 17 much easier. While I was still mulling about 17, I ended up trying to depict something else. It’s meant just for fun, and trying to visualise something quite vague. It’s about letting go of a a certain label. Or more about change and wanting to reinvent yourself. While … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 17

Week 17 didn’t start out too well. Well, actually it didn’t start at all. Once I had conquered my biggest hurdle so far: a Self-Portrait, I was a bit at a loss what to do next. I didn’t exactly know what direction I should take the next few weeks, it was like I had reached … Continue reading

Failing perfectionism

No reason to deny it, there’s a slight perfectionist lurking inside of me. Albeit at the end of the day a very pragmatic one, I still am one. I always want to achieve the highest attainable level, and can feel slightly bummed when I can’t for whatever reason. The pragmatism does help a bit to … Continue reading

Appreciation of the contemporary.

When I was younger, say my teens, I did not like many of the contemporary artists I was taught in art history class. I simply did not like most of them, nor care for their work. The only one I think I managed to really love were Van Gogh and Matisse, the latter especially during … Continue reading