Resolutions wk 19

To be fair, I started on 2 projects this week. So the image is more or less the same, but the execution couldn’t be more different.

While I’m still not completely comfortable with portraying myself, or doing portraits in general – I still dislike portraits, but love the challenge, what a dichotomy – I do find I have a lesser problem with them? Perhaps once I made the more classical, correct interpretation, I can let it go.

This one is more or less one born out of frustration, for my first project didn’t work out so well. Or at least, that’s what I thought. So in the meantime I went back to the old-fashioned drawing, somewhere along the way I found I still had a black piece of paper and picked up some white pencil. Tinted charcoal to be exact.

Self-portrait on black paper. Tinted charcoal, Derwent pencils. © CC

I will leave it as it is, as I quite like the unfinished look of it. There’s quite a quizzical feel to it, some mystery as to what the rest is…and I quite like that.


3 thoughts on “Resolutions wk 19

    • Thanks 🙂
      Yeah, I find I’m more pulled into the “unfinished” look, if that makes any sense. I need to learn when to rein myself in and stop. Definitely a learning point in my case, as I have the annoying tendency to want to tweak things here or there…

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