Resolutions wk 20: got some tea?

Week 20 already!

I had started this project before no.19, but I wasn’t sure it would work, so I ended up with something completely different. I remembered how some people would paint with tea, basically tea stains, though the preferred beverage is actually coffee from what I can gather, as you can get a far darker colour from it than tea. Anyway for me it was just curiosity that drove me to try this out. It basically is a simplified water-colouring technique, and I remembered I have a couple of teabags from a brand I don’t particularly like.

The concoction, or the tea I brewed, did end up looking rather ghastly, in other words it was perfect.

At first I did think it wasn’t going to work, or simply the materials and I simply do not get along. That happens too. I did a course in ceramics when I was busy easing myself back into the whole creative side of things, and while I did enjoy it, I didn’t love it. The tea didn’t seem to work very well, so I literally put the sheet of paper aside. After 2 days when it had completely dried, I looked at it again and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It was this moment when I realised this takes more time and patience than regular watercolour, but you get an interesting interpretation of something.

My Tea Portrait. © CC

Much to my surprise I really loved the final result. It truly isn’t about whether or not it resembles anyone or even anything, but the whole layering of colour, building shade, and seeing how the stains would end up looking like. The many tea paintings I’ve seen where a bit too closely related to ‘ordinary’ watercolour, but I really like the rough and random stains. I could only hope they’d end up looking like they’d fit, as you really do not have any control over the final outcome. It’s the sum of all that manages to represent something.

I may even do it again.

No, I think I will do it again!


2 thoughts on “Resolutions wk 20: got some tea?

    • Thanks! At first I really didn’t think it would work at all, but I guess it’s more due to the fact I didn’t know how it behaves.

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