That million dollar question

It must be the calm before the storm, as I find myself seriously contemplating about the “How to…” scenarios.

For it seems my too-rational side of me has finally caught up with the heart. It only took  a good deal of patience, time and a lot of struggling – well, more like literally dragging it in kicking and screaming – for it arrived at the same place. At last. Now the question as to will it remain in the same space is a whole different matter.

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Anyway, as I said earlier lately I find myself thinking about how to tap into my creative streak [a mile wide, whoops, got sidetracked by Monty Python] and turn into it a living. All of a sudden my brain is uttering the words “commercialise”, in other words I find myself wondering how to commercialise my creativity.

I’m actually quite baffled by those rather rational thoughts, as they’re usually overshadowed by the ever present Doubt.


2 thoughts on “That million dollar question

    • Oh yes 😀 Normally I’d be bombarded by how unlikely and improbable it all is, why on earth would I want to think or even dream about it? Stick to what you know. But now truly wondering what actually needs to be done to get there? Yes, a very good step.

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