Posted in September 2014

Hanging on

Hanging on

I honestly wish I’ve managed to vanquish that stubborn thought of not being good enough by now. Alas as of yet it has shown to be a tough opponent to beat as it still very much lingers in the back of my mind. And I  have no doubt it will haunt my mind for many … Continue reading

Follow the leader

The funny thing about getting older is the recognition of some traits you didn’t really think about before. In my case it’s the fact I’m a rather lousy follower. As I look back I can only note that I’ve always been a lousy follower and basically just wanted to be left alone to my own … Continue reading

Resolutions wk30 pt. 1

This week I was mixing a large batch of paint as preparation for my paintings. As a general rule I don’t paint the sides of my canvases, however as I don’t think most will be framed, the sides do need something to cover all the random streaks. Since I don’t like to continue the painting, … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 28 pt. 1

Resolutions wk 28 pt. 1

Whoops, it seems I’ve kind of forgotten to post some of my resolutions! Not that I haven’t made them, but I guess sometimes other things got in the way of me actually posting them.Trying to find some of the more concrete answers to the many questions that still manage to hang about. Well, a few … Continue reading

Sense of purpose

Do you know what’s really changed since I’ve started this rather confusing and oft frustrating journey? I now finally feel I have a sense of purpose. I admit I’ve been rather very wishy-washy in the past, not really knowing what it is I exactly wanted to do. Granted, I always had a vague dream of … Continue reading

On the verge…

For some reason I’ve been having this weird feeling of being on the verge of something. As if I’m walking precariously on the edge and can fall into the abyss [which I’m staring into and pretend it’s not there] any moment now, about to undertake something big — at least bigger than I can grasp … Continue reading


Just because the song has such a positive vibe to it, and once in a while that’s all one needs to hear.


That little voice and or feeling that exists side by side with Doubt & Fear, though in my case Doubt definitely is far more present than Fear. Fear is more like the younger sibling, who gets dragged along whether it wants to come along or not simply because it can’t be left behind on their … Continue reading

Wishful thinking

Sometimes I do wish my mother would realise this. To constantly harp on on the same tedious topics I have no answer to, or at least not the answers she’d like to hear, but still expecting a different outcome everytime she takes that route is simply infuriating. To continuously ask me what my plans are … Continue reading

Note to self

"Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order." – Anne Wilson Schaef — Great Minds Quotes (@GreatestQuotes) August 24, 2014 A good reminder for myself, as that little nagging voice that demands Perfection is always lurking in the back of my mind. I can ignore it and simply not listen, or pretend it’s not there. It … Continue reading