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October in a nutshell for me. I don’t know about you, but for one reason or another I simply can’t make myself to find the right words or the need to write them down. Plenty of thoughts and frustrations going around, don’t get me wrong on that, they still manage to linger about. Is it … Continue reading

Hello October

Any verve or resolve I may have had at the beginning of the year seem to have dissipated, slowly but surely. Over the last couple of months and especially September & October seem to have chipped it away and Doubt is in full force once again. Slightly demoralised I guess about the whole thing, but … Continue reading

God only knows…

Don’t worry, I’m not going all religious on you, that’s not me. It’s merely a BBC Music promo using the Beach Boys’ old hit. I just really like the art direction, because I’m shallow. 😉

Faith no more…

Oh my, there’s a commercial making the round currently using Faith No More’s rendition of I’m easy, and boy, does it ever bring back some memories!! Not to mention manages to make me feel so old as this version was apparently released somewhere in the early-mid 90s. Anyway, the song was already out for a … Continue reading

Out loud

Now I know I have my faults and can be quite peculiar in my ways. And I know I’m many things, however I’m most definitely not a mind reader. If I’ve done something or haven’t done over the years, if you’ve never told me it bothered you I won’t know. To let it fester for … Continue reading