Posted in December 2014

Mea culpa

My current gig is so wreaking havoc on my natural sleeping pattern, at the end of my day I’m just too tired to care. No real energy left for being creative, and let me guarantee you this: I do regret that. And as I have to get up at this ungodly hour, I don’t have … Continue reading

So not natural

No matter how much the universe may try, I really am not made to be a morning person. Just no. Having to get up at 5.15 AM is just not OK in my book.

Down the drain

Being back behind a desk just re-affirms those things I need. The fact at the end of the day I’m just exhausted and don’t want to do anything, is always a telltale sign for me. All of my energy has been sucked dry and the battery desperately needs recharging. In that regard I’m very much … Continue reading

While I wasn’t looking

Well, guess we’re once again nearing the end of yet of 2014. The end of the year is always something that manages to spring up too quickly for me. Honestly, I don’t know what 2014 has given me at this point. Looking back I can see a very weird beginning, a certain vibe that urged … Continue reading