Ok, I may find myself at times starving, but this time it’s just a song title. Not that it can’t go together… 😉

His previous single Home  also a definite favourite of mine.



2 thoughts on “Hungry…

  1. I’ve got Dotan’s “7 Layers” album on the iPad and Little Mr came bouncing in the other day saying that I HAD TO FIND a song he’d heard on the radio on the bus…

    .. he started to hum and sing “Home” and I laughed and told him I knew EXACTLY which song it was and who sings it… one minute later he had the iPad and guess what song he was singing all evening long… and the next day , and the next…

    Kiwi Daughter was rolling her eyes and lamenting that it wasn’t 5 seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift, Jesse J or One Direction… I’m SOOO much more delighted that my son is open to and totally enjoys less mainstream music than she does.

    A boy after my own heart… he’s quickly falling in love with the rest of the songs on the album too.

    I’m introducing him to Nick Drake and Milow next 🙂

    • 😀 He’s got good taste!
      A colleague noted I’m not too picky when it comes to music. It’s true, if it’s good I enjoy it, and my music taste totally depends on my mood. So my taste runs the gamut. Being openminded is definitely a good thing. Now you’ve made me curious…so off to YouTube I go! 🙂

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