With a twist

The risk of me sounding like a broken record is very present. Still too tired, still suffering from a lack of sleep I try to catch up on the weekends. Still bored to tears most days of the week, still very much looking around for a different job. Still wondering what the hell I want, and still not finding the answers. So far basically the same rinse and repeat.

In a nutshell, not much has changed the past couple of weeks or months even. Perhaps besides some truths becoming clearer and clearer, and me listening to what my intuition is saying. Or at least I do my best to as I do find it too easy to dismiss that little voice and feeling, but I sure have gotten better at it.

Sent out quite a few applications, most don’t even bother sending you an acknowledgement let alone an actual invitation for a first interview. Though to be honest I think at times I wasn’t exactly that excited about the job, but whatever it offered it was far more interesting than what I do currently. About 2 weeks ago I was doing my usual, browsing job sites – yes, not very professional while actually working – when I encountered one job opening that appealed to me more than most. Project management / specifier for an interior design company. Close enough to the creative side of things at the moment for me – while one day I hope to be fully focused & employed on the creative side of things, I know I’m not ready to do that just yet. But to be at least involved in that whole creative process is a great stepping stone. And even a little bit of travel is involved.

2 days after I sent in my application I got a call. I was invited for an interview! I was actually completely shocked and completely surprised when I saw I had missed 2 calls. I had gotten so used to not hearing anything back. The interview got planned. Last Tuesday.

I can’t end with good news though as it’s still very much up in the air, for it now all boils down to my personal references.


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