Alas it was not meant to be. Unfortunately it did take far too long, and I had to take the initiative to  get the answer in the end. Yada yada, “we both were very impressed with you. And we certainly will keep your contact details.” Yeah, sure. Whatever. But at least I was kind enough in my reply back, I’m never that bitchy when reaching out to people, though I can’t help my initial reaction.

I was more surprised at how bummed out I felt after I found out. I guess this particular job opening has made some things very very clear. It has managed to narrow down – at least by a bit – to what I’m really looking for. Project based, creative and never knowing how my day will look like. Enough variation in a creative environment and room to develop etc etc. It is a minor victory in the not-so-great news I got today.

But at least it’s a Friday, tomorrow I’m going to see a movie while going on a date – yeah, don’t ask. And my weekend has started. Eh, it could have been much much worse. So while my current gig is boring me to tears, I do know I still have until the end of September to look for another job. It’s better than nothing. The jobhunt continues…onwards and upwards!


3 thoughts on “Alas

    • LOL No, that would truly worrying if that were my last offer ever! 😀
      It did however put some things in greater perspective and that is very helpful in the long run.

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