Wait. How did that happen?

So about 2 weeks ago I celebrated my 36th birthday. A Tuesday. I ended up taking that day off, simply because I can.

The week prior I had a week off, not to go on holiday and visit some exotic place – no, I went back to school for a few days. Sort of try out for some creative courses that are on offer. Styling related. As I had no idea what it actually entails, a quick crash course filled with info about the courses and possible careers was a pretty good idea.
As it is far more what I like, conceptual thinking, project based, and most importantly: highly creative and encouragement to think out of the box, it did feel like a mini-holiday. I mean coming home invigorated by the creative energy is quite telling. In comparison to just feeling very drained and tired, yeah, I’m pretty sure what needs to be done.
Alas bills still need to be paid, and money needs to be made to even enroll…so it may take a while. Also the last chance to register and enroll was also the last day of my course. And the following Monday would have been where admission was decided after presenting 3 assignments, plus one assignment made that day. Personally I thought that was a bit too little close for comfort, not to mention I had to get back to work that day.
So I’ve decided if I’m to enroll it will have to be deferred for a year.

In the mean time I’ve celebrated yet another year. As usual a quiet affair.

And found myself casually dating someone recently. The latter still confounds me, but that has more to do with me. I wouldn’t say I’m madly in love or find myself hugely attracted to him, but weirdly enough I do feel comfortable around him. Most of all, he doesn’t annoy me. As that particular threshold is quite low, it is an amazing feat in itself. Ok, not exactly the most glowing words, but trust me, I get annoyed by people very easily.

Perhaps the slow but steady strategy is what’s needed to bypass my security system. Also I can see some lovely traits: kindness, integrity and sincerity. I guess I could have chosen worse…


3 thoughts on “Wait. How did that happen?

  1. Many happy returns, and “doesn’t annoy me” is huge on a day to day basis. The news about your interest level in styling is also great!

    • Thank you. 🙂

      It is, even my friends find it quite amusing, but also know me well enough to know it is something. They know my threshold is indeed very low.

      As I’ve deferred for a year, to really make my mind up which direction I would want to go for, I’ve decided to use this year wisely. I’ve signed up for a one-year course Design & Concept, where the focus is more about developing ideas, concepts and how to realise those vague ideas into something concrete. I don’t want to sit around and simply work, and feel drained and uninspired etc.

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