Whereas I was lamenting about how weird 2014 was, and generally not great for me personally,  2015 has turned into a major curveball so far.

I may have spent quite a few days moaning and whinging about my displeasure of my current gig, I have noticed a quiet resolve within me growing. Guess it has somewhat to do with understanding myself – at last. Maturing into something I comprehend for as much as that is possible, but also finally knowing what I need. Boredom has been killing, can’t deny the absolute negative aspect it has had on me, but I guess that helped to shape my resolve so clearly.

And ultimately also the acceptance of my many quirks, boring traits, and needs. At long last I feel pretty comfortable in my own skin, which has been a long journey. Of course I’m not yet done, but to have finally reached this particular station? Yeah, it’s something I didn’t think would happen soon.

In a couple of weeks I’ll start my new job, and I’m absolutely thrilled. All of a sudden things start to happen, and they’re all good. Though to be honest in the back of my mind that little voice is fearing this is just a bubble about to burst. Project management for a small interior design company.

Next week will be my last at the current gig, which I won’t miss. Helpful yes, in different ways, but not what would have seriously helped me along the way in the long run. It pays the bills. And that’s pretty much the gist of it.

I might start on the rather ominous Friday the 13th, and be whisked off to Germany to help set out a current project. I can think of worse ways to start a new job. A jump right into the fray? Sure.

But first, 2 weeks off. Heaven!


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