Mea culpa…again

A whole month has gone by, and quite a lot has changed in the meantime.

I changed jobs. Took 2 weeks off as I still had those days remaining. Ended up spending nearly the entire time at my date’s place, very much to my surprise. I guess it’s going not too shabby as nearly 6 months have passed. And I know he really likes having me around – shame it’s such a typical bachelor pad…and ironically, once again I’m the far more tech savvy person around. 😁

Said goodbye to my old gig. Haven’t missed it for a second from the moment I left. Anxiety over the new job. Being rather humble doesn’t do me any good, I always question my abilities.

Still I can’t deny that many changes have occurred for the better. I just find myself still adjusting.

Whereas I always resisted going with the flow, the biggest change is to embrace it when it feels OK, to trust my gut, and simply see where it takes me. So far it has definitely led me to some surprising places.


Say what?

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