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Shock and awe

No, it’s definitely not as dramatic as the correct military term, but to be fair, it is as eventful for me to be in complete shock and awe about what’s been going on in 2015 so far. A while ago I did write about going for a job interview at an interior design company, where … Continue reading

Resolutions wk30 pt. 1

This week I was mixing a large batch of paint as preparation for my paintings. As a general rule I don’t paint the sides of my canvases, however as I don’t think most will be framed, the sides do need something to cover all the random streaks. Since I don’t like to continue the painting, … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 28 pt. 1

Resolutions wk 28 pt. 1

Whoops, it seems I’ve kind of forgotten to post some of my resolutions! Not that I haven’t made them, but I guess sometimes other things got in the way of me actually posting them.Trying to find some of the more concrete answers to the many questions that still manage to hang about. Well, a few … Continue reading


That little voice and or feeling that exists side by side with Doubt & Fear, though in my case Doubt definitely is far more present than Fear. Fear is more like the younger sibling, who gets dragged along whether it wants to come along or not simply because it can’t be left behind on their … Continue reading


I don’t know whether it’s due to my upcoming Birthday or simply the result of the turnaround that’s been taking place this year, but slowly but surely I do feel like I’m sort of on the right track. And it’s now more a case of persevering the resistance I know I will encounter along the … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 27

Resolutions wk 27

As I was rummaging through a bunch of random paperwork, I came across a little sketch I never cared to finish from about 2 years ago. As I didn’t want to erase the little sketch, I just grabbed my watercolours and decided to finish it after all. It turned out a bit better than I … Continue reading

State of affairs

It is a rather sad state of affairs if I don’t even wish to inform my mother of my very first paid commission – even if it’s a friend. Now I’m not saying this is the beginning of a string of assignments – one can only hope – but it is a start. A teeny … Continue reading

Little reminder

But do look back as a reminder for the many lessons you will have learned along the way. Just don’t retrace your steps and be surprised you’ve ended up in the same spot.