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Resolutions wk 16: the final result

IĀ  have to be honest, I do feel ever rather apprehensive in showing the final works. Because it is Me, despite I can see it’s not really me at the same time. Even though friends say they can and do recognise me in it, so it does resemble me, and yet at the same time … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 16, the beginning

After (trying to even prolong) my procrastination for the first try out for a self portrait, I finally made myself put down the first lines on paper. And well, I have to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how not bad the very beginning was. This particular ‘assignment’ also took longer than my usual … Continue reading


As of Wednesday May 7, well technically Thursday as I didn’t start sketching until well after midnight, I’ve actually begun work on a self-portrait. Though this too is only a test run, and done in pastels on a relatively small (regular A4) size paper, I’m quite stunned and amazed by how not utterly dreadful the … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 14

Again, another rather disembodied hand floating about. This time it was more about a study of my skin tone. And unlike watercolour, I do have a bit more control on the outcome as this was done with pastel pencils. Surprisingly I was finished in almost record time. It’s a rather poor rendition of my hand, … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 4 – One feisty bird

Resolutions wk 4 – One feisty bird

The outcome of this week’s resolution turned out to be way more fierce than I expected! Again, after much mulling what I wanted to do, I ended up digging up my pastels. Now why did I put them away again? I love working with pastels, I’m reminded how much the material suits me. Overall I’m … Continue reading