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Resolutions wk30 pt. 1

This week I was mixing a large batch of paint as preparation for my paintings. As a general rule I don’t paint the sides of my canvases, however as I don’t think most will be framed, the sides do need something to cover all the random streaks. Since I don’t like to continue the painting, … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 28 pt. 1

Resolutions wk 28 pt. 1

Whoops, it seems I’ve kind of forgotten to post some of my resolutions! Not that I haven’t made them, but I guess sometimes other things got in the way of me actually posting them.Trying to find some of the more concrete answers to the many questions that still manage to hang about. Well, a few … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 27

Resolutions wk 27

As I was rummaging through a bunch of random paperwork, I came across a little sketch I never cared to finish from about 2 years ago. As I didn’t want to erase the little sketch, I just grabbed my watercolours and decided to finish it after all. It turned out a bit better than I … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 25

These 3 canvases had been waiting for their final destination for some time, I had already given it 2 different tries, and 2 layers of paint as I had already started with them, but somewhere along the way it just didn’t pan out. And they were left to be finished for yet another day. While … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 24

As I had said before, I felt like doing something else. Nothing figurative or people, but one way or another just felt like doing something quite vague. More an ambiance, atmospheric. All I can say it ended up looking rather stormy.

Resolutions wk 23

Watercolour portraits are completely not my really thing I’ve noticed. Well, partly that is due to the fact I have to be rather patient when working, as the paper can be too saturated and before I know it I’m actually removing the paper fibre. Oops! Yeah I’ve done that, or at least come very very … Continue reading

Time for a change?

So many weeks ago I wanted to challenge myself and drew up doing self-portraits. I could not have predicted that I would end up making quite a few of them, some work better than others, while the rest were just…so so. Or at least in my very humble opinion. But I’ve noticed that after having … Continue reading

Resolutions wk 22

This has been one of those weeks where I couldn’t muster anything, or t least not something that really got my mojo going. I had set out to paint, but then DIY got in the way and at the end I was all painted out. As in walls. So this whole idea to paint another … Continue reading