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Last of the Mohicans

There are days where I absolutely feel like the last of the Mohicans. Luckily though not like the survivors/protagonists in the movie of said title! As we speak I’m busy looking around for another gig, one that doesn’t require this absurd early rising for one, but also one that can offer a bit more of … Continue reading


Ok, I may find myself at times starving, but this time it’s just a song title. Not that it can’t go together… 😉 His previous single Home  also a definite favourite of mine.  

A little spurt

Or burst. Or perhaps the shortest sprint ever. Anyway my brain is still very much fried from the ungodly early rising, no really, no matter how hard the Universe may try and try again, I am so not made to become a lark. I’ve tried, really I’ve tried, but too many days where I’ve come … Continue reading

Follow the leader

The funny thing about getting older is the recognition of some traits you didn’t really think about before. In my case it’s the fact I’m a rather lousy follower. As I look back I can only note that I’ve always been a lousy follower and basically just wanted to be left alone to my own … Continue reading

Lofty aspirations.

One day I will live in a detached house, just so I will not get any homicidal tendencies towards my neighbours. Especially when the dreaded DIY-bug strikes, or when they feel the need to share their music. “No, I do not need to feel the bass, nor wish to be included in your experience.” As … Continue reading

Pet peeve

Once in a while, though to be quite fair there have been too many in the recent years, news breaks on yet another killing spree in the US. It’s more a sad state of affairs how my reactions to these news stories are, especially when I hear it’s in the US. My first thought tends … Continue reading

15 minutes

Infamy infamy! They’ve all got it in for me! Fame. I’m a bit bewildered and bemused by our modern society’s desire for fame. In some cases not even a mere desire, but a real hunger. When you ask kids from a certain age what they’d want to be, quite a few of them will say … Continue reading


Whenever I meet new people, it’s always an interesting time. I know when I’m around strangers, I tend to have a very cautious energy around me, which in their case often gets misinterpreted as being someone very fragile and/or sensitive. It’s more due to the fact, yes, I tend to approach new people rather cautiously. … Continue reading



What if I never figure out what it is exactly I want? What if I have too many interests it makes it too difficult for me to narrow down to just one or two things? Why can’t I have them all incorporated into one vague description? Because it’s true, currently I do have a whole … Continue reading

Houston, we have a problem…

Houston, we have a problem…

Well, maybe not Houston. The space programme as it is is going fine, I mean, Curiosity is being curious on Mars. 😉 No, I have a problem. I’ve been looking and applying for jobs for a while now, and I always face the same hurdle. How on Earth do I sell myself to any future … Continue reading

Gone fishin’

Well no, not literally, but I did get to have that truly dreadful experience of shaking a limpy hand. A wet noodle. A dead fish. Either one of them could have easily sufficed.No, honestly, dreadul. I’m not the most touchy-feely person ever, I only give hugs & kisses to those that truly matter to me. … Continue reading

Not a fan

The title may be a bit misleading though, as I often find myself becoming a fan of someone or something, but just not a Fan. Or a Good Fan, or the Ultimate Supportive Fan. Or the Number #1 Fan. Or whatever you want to call it. fan noun Definition of FAN 1: an enthusiastic devotee … Continue reading

Stormy conditions

It seems it’s only befitting, well, the literal sense of the word, not the deeper meaning. But I’ve come to a point where I’d wish the weather would just storm off to somewhere very far away from here.

Confession II

As you can see, this is currently one of those periods where I’m laying low. It’s something that is quite inherent to me, but I’m slowly returning to more regular random musings. It must be partially due to the fact Spring has begun – though it seems that memo got lost as the temperatures are … Continue reading

Excusez le mot…

While perusing my Facebook timeline, yes I peruse my Facebook news feed then mostly play games, I came across this article Living with less. A lot less. from the New York Times. Where the writer is discussing the rapid encroachment of stuff into our lives. It does pose an interesting question in this age of … Continue reading