Posted in March 2015

Last of the Mohicans

There are days where I absolutely feel like the last of the Mohicans. Luckily though not like the survivors/protagonists in the movie of said title! As we speak I’m busy looking around for another gig, one that doesn’t require this absurd early rising for one, but also one that can offer a bit more of … Continue reading

Let’s rule

Guess I’ve not been in the mood for much thinking, well more like my brain’s refusing on the ground of not enough sleep, so it’s been just enjoying music. Long live the radio!  

Hold back

Not sure what’s been going in the British waters lately, but quite a few really good male singer/songwriters have appeared on the scene and I’m enjoying their sound a lot. Especially early in the morning as I’m still very much waking up and generally am quite a Miss Grouchypants (which I fully admit to.)

Monday blues

Just to keep me somewhat awake and give n illusion of alertness. In case the remix is a bit too much at this time of day, the original is here.


Admittedly I’ve had that thought cross my mind quite a few times the past few months…


Ok, I may find myself at times starving, but this time it’s just a song title. Not that it can’t go together… 😉 His previous single Home  also a definite favourite of mine.  

A little spurt

Or burst. Or perhaps the shortest sprint ever. Anyway my brain is still very much fried from the ungodly early rising, no really, no matter how hard the Universe may try and try again, I am so not made to become a lark. I’ve tried, really I’ve tried, but too many days where I’ve come … Continue reading