Posted in June 2015


Alas it was not meant to be. Unfortunately it did take far too long, and I had to take the initiative to  get the answer in the end. Yada yada, “we both were very impressed with you. And we certainly will keep your contact details.” Yeah, sure. Whatever. But at least I was kind enough … Continue reading

With a twist

The risk of me sounding like a broken record is very present. Still too tired, still suffering from a lack of sleep I try to catch up on the weekends. Still bored to tears most days of the week, still very much looking around for a different job. Still wondering what the hell I want, … Continue reading


The video does not follow the standard script at all. Not what I expected at all! Then again, that’s what you get when there’s only radio to listen to while at work.

Ooh là là!

Just something out of the blue, we go en français. Avec Christine and the Queens. If you’re also interested in the some catchy French songs, Stromae is a good start. Not your classic chansons à la Aznavour or Jacques Brel. Ok, technically Stromae is Belgian…