Random things

The random facts about me.

  • Night owl
  • Love eggs, all things eggs. I think it’s due to the fact my mother got supplied with eggs from a kind elderly neighbour when she was carrying me, as to ‘guarantee’ her child will become a beautiful adult. Whether this old wives tale has come true is not for me to say – I’d say not really – it has meant I have this weird love for all things eggs in my food.
  • Animal lover. Some only love dogs, or cats, or perhaps even only birds. Nah, I love animals. The ones I’m not too fond of have the following characteristics: exoskeleton, more than 4 legs, no fur, 3 defined segments to the body, pincers, more than one pair of eyes. The only few ones I don’t mind are: butterflies, ladybirds and bumblebees.
  • Cool and collected. Most of the time. That is until you manage to annoy me, then you’ll notice. For sure.
  • Taught myself to write backwards, just because I was bored and for fun. Yes, I know, my idea of fun is quite nerdy.
  • When I can, I still write with a fountain pen. Rather enjoy writing on beautiful smooth paper, if you’re not accustomed to writing with a fountain pen, you won’t understand.
  • Movies I watch are quite random, they can range from Coco Avant Chanel to The Avengersor from How to train your dragon to Sense and Sensibility. As long as there’s something interesting and or entertaining to them I’ll watch. Though they tend to fall into 2 categories: 1) I’ll pay to see; 2) I’ll wait until it airs on TV.
  • A good cuppa tea is what I need first thing in the morning. Don’t mind (good) coffee, but I couldn’t live without some good old tea.
  • Once in a while I enjoy writing cursive, just as I was taught in school.
  • I have a scenario in my head for the perfect morning: an extensive breakfast spread (real butter croissants, jam, eggs, bacon, toast, builder’s tea to wake me up, orange juice) and a morning newspaper. Of course this is an occasion that spans more than the meagre 30 minutes I usually have in the mornings to eat my breakfast.
  • I am a total dork at heart.
  • Apparently I’m very down to Earth, or so I’ve been told. Can’t say for sure, I just generally have a no nonsense demeanor.
  • If you don’t want to hear my honest opinion, don’t ask for it. I will be brutally honest, though I will try to package it as kindly as possible.
  • Please don’t talk to me first thing in the morning. Asking me stupid questions will only get 2 responses: 1. a stupid answer to match the question; or 2. a death glare as it does not even deem a response.
  • Mathematics + me = no match.
  • Cilantro, aka coriander, I simply do not like. Dried coriander seeds perfectly fine, but the fresh green stuff? No bueno! Not one bit. Simply do not like its taste.

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