Shock and awe

No, it’s definitely not as dramatic as the correct military term, but to be fair, it is as eventful for me to be in complete shock and awe about what’s been going on in 2015 so far.

A while ago I did write about going for a job interview at an interior design company, where in the end I did not get the job. She used the commonly used term “I’ll keep your details just in case.” Yada yada. Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard those words before, and know nothing ever comes from it. Your resume and cover letter are to disappear into the abyss and never to be seen or heard of again.

Well, guess there’s always the one that proves that theory wrong.

When I opened my mail today I got a very pleasant surprise. She actually sent me an e-mail, inquiring if I’m still on the hunt for another job. If so, would it be possible to meet up soon for a chat?

Honest to god, for the first few minutes I was just utterly gobsmacked. Dumbfounded. In utter shock. All I could utter and think was OMG! OMG! OMG! O.M.F.G!

On the exact same day I got to hear my temp contract – for the most mind numbing job IMO – most likely will be extended at the end of this month for a few more months, so I was already resigned being stuck there for a bit longer while I continue with my jobhunt and use the money for extra courses etc. A steady income during these times is worth something, no matter how boring and unfulfilling it may be – it’s better than nothing. All of a sudden a massive twist takes place, and I have a very possible way out.

And on the exact same day, the guy I’ve been sort of casually/seriously dating – I haven’t got the slightest what we are at this stage – suggests I meet his mother in the near future. Wait, what? How did that happen?

No, let me refrain this. Today, how did that happen?!

The universe sure knows how to screw things up, and screw things up royally, or pile things up at such a speed it just leaves me in complete shock at all the things coming my way.


2 thoughts on “Shock and awe

    • 😀 Thanks. They’re all good things though.

      Even if things are still very much up in the air as to the specifics etc, and whether all this will materialise into something more remains to be seen.
      Including meeting one’s parent, which I can only guess means it’s a bit more serious than presumed?

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