Posted in November 2014

In retrospect

It’s always interesting to see some obvious patterns emerging when one actually pays attention. I’ve been metaphorically speaking so busy with pushing back the direction I was expected/supposed to take I’ve been at a standstill. The pushing back and trying not to lose any ground has lead me to a place of inertia, and I … Continue reading

Upon closer inspection

While I’ve been going about with my creative challenge this year, I often find myself simply making things. Usually well enough et al, but in some I definitely sense something is lacking. That something I can’t really put my finger on, but enough for me to notice and not be content with it. I guess … Continue reading


How does one successfully persuade oneself of his or her capabilities? It has been my stumbling block for as long as I can remember. Rationally I may have ‘seen the light’, but beyond that particular realm I still find myself contradicting myself on nearly every front. Intrinsically I fear I lack the belief I can. … Continue reading


November has arrived and the end of 2014 is in sight once again. October felt like it dragged on and on for some reason, and I definitely felt somewhat down. I can’t put my finger on it, but I really didn’t feel up to par. [Of course having someone bitching and moaning about all your … Continue reading


When life gets a bit in the way an dreary, when the questions and doubt start coming back again with a vengeance…

Unspoken words

After another lecture from my mother some weeks ago, I did get to say some of the things that had always bothered me. How she’s always so focused on the negative, and do nothing but complain about all the things I’m not doing or haven’t done. Why would I want to engage in that discussion? … Continue reading